In 2016 I noted the explosion of tech and engineering podcasts being sponsored by a WiFi equipment manufacturer called Eero, as opposed to a mattress.

I thought it was surprising and a tad funny their marketing department didn’t check if it was a common abbreviation of an unfortunate term in this context. I chalked it up to having the same self-depracating humour I do. Or maybe they figured you can use Eeros to download ero. While you’re on a mattress.

Now a large, and very well-known third party has bought them. I know the big fish eating smaller ones is increasingly—some may say depressingly—inevitable, but it’s not what people signed up for when buying these devices

(If the argument is people should have known they’d be bought, surely that’s a broader indightment of the entire consumer technology industry right now).

Eero made a big deal about protecting privacy. We’ll see how their new corporate stewards handle it; we’ve all learned to be skeptical when reading assurances that nothing will change. Because they’ll know whether you’re downloading ero with your Eero.