The Unarchiver 2.2 rocks


The Unarchiver with the Amiga beachball

After worrying that the project had stalled, The Unarchiver 2.2 was released in November and its just as wildly convenient as ever. I really like the phrase "wildly convenient", not sure where I picked it up but it works on so many levels.

The Unarchiver is a beautifully written little application that replaces the functionality of the standard Archive Utility in OS X and lets you uncompress virtually* any archive you'll encounter right from the Finder. Even from an Amiga!!!

Given I mostly live inside the Terminal with Midnight Commander for most file management tasks my need for a graphical front end to a dizzying array of compression algorithms is perhaps less than it once was, but it's still a fantastic tool to have just in case, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all my Mac friends who are terrified of the command line. Well that was a long sentence.

As for the asterisk next to the word virtually above, the only compression algorithm it still doesn't resolve is rzip which is a bummer because it's my primary one. It's FLOSS software, so maybe I should submit a request and a patch.

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