The sound of PPPoE silence


I keep meaning to blog about technical learnings, pontifications and anime, given they've been the entire multifarious point of this site for years. Things just keep happening though!

Today in our continuing cavalcade of consternation, our family awoke to downed internet. I can just picture the internet, flying so innocently up in the sky, before the daemons force it to land. That's a terrible analogy, given daemons are usually my friends and would most likely be operating much of the internet infrastructure that allows me to write this post in the first place.

Of course, just as we all flick the light switches during power failures, the first thing I tried was a web search to figure out what could be the problem. I think the neighbours heard me shout "derp".

For the first time in a long while, kicking (rebooting, for my non sysadmin friends!) the router and modem didn't achieve anything. Regardless of whether the modem was dialing, or the router or my MacBook Air were dialing PPPoE over the modem in bridge mode, we got a deafening silence. Either our local exchange is down, or our ISP isn't accepting connections.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be calling that Australian ISP that rhymes with AEG. In the meantime, just as we all jump into hamster wheels when the power goes down, I'd better tell my other house members to tether with their iPhones tonight.

My apologies to Simon and Garfunkel for this post. Water under the bridge, I hope.

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