The @SimonWhistler renames Business Blaze


Big Brain and Certified Legend Simon Whistler has made the decision to change the name of YouTube’s most excellent YouTube channel (allegedly) to Brain Blaze. I was enjoying the dichotomy between “business” and the actual topics Danny ended up writing for Simon each week, but I approve. I’m sure he was waiting with baited breath for that.


(Why would you bait someone’s breath? I don’t want a bass flying into my mouth from a river or some sh•t. Also, wouldn’t putting bait in your mouth taste awful? Better than being stuck in a basement I suppose, without the finest of vintage memes. Danny [sic], chill)!

I purched the merch yesterday to celebrate this historic milestone of one of my favourite independent media creators, and to get something with Business Blazyness while I still can. You should too. Also, check out Megaprojects, one of his many other channels I find delightful that I’ve mentioned here before. Geographics is another favourite.

Did I just do an unsponsored ad for Simon? Yes. But haughtiness aside, his videos have made living through Covid, quarantines, and lockdown that much more tolerable. I appreciate all the laughs and thought he’s brought during These Times™ across his three hundred or so channels. Purch some merch, don’t make me come over there. Because I’m stuck at home, and it’d be difficult.

Brand. New. Epsiode. Of. Business. Blaze.

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