The shared experience of Life of Brian


Photo of the outdoor screen showing Life of Brian

Clara and I just came back from a twilight screening of The Life of Brian. Watching the Sydney sky fade to darkness while watching possibly one of the greatest films of all time with my dear friends was absolutely wonderful.

On the most recent ATP, Casey, Marco and the mayor of Siracusa County regaled the fun times growing up and having LAN parties. John made the comment that Team Speak and high speed internet has replaced many of those gaming meet ups, which caused a hint of nostalgia in the other hosts. The games and vocal interactions are the same, so surely the experience would be.

Certainly, my friends and everyone else who turned out to Centennial Park could have watched Life of Brian on their laptops, or on their fancy surround sound 7.1 home theater systems while tweeting #LifeOfBrian. The magic of sitting there in the open air at night sharing in this classic cultural icon with likeminded people roaring with laugher together is just indescribable.

Even introverts need to bond sometimes :). Always look on the bright side of life~ ♫ Thank you to @Adasifs for organising this epic evening!

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