Photo outside St Leonards

I direct your attention to the above photo I took outside the IBM building in St Leonards this afternoon.

Judging from the freshness of the cement, the bright green paint on the new bike path and small plants carefully arranged in tasty new mulch, this junction was recently spruced up. While visually pleasing in a well tended garden sense, it has a serious design flaw. Well, other than the clearly uprooted sign. Can you spot it?

As a pedestrian, I had no way to see cars approaching the intersection. Despite my borderline Sasquatchism, the hedge was perfectly positioned to block any view of the road, other than what was right in front of me. Likewise, drivers wouldn’t be able to see us until we start crossing. Yikes.

In Singapore, pedestrians, cyclists, rickshaw runners and drivers are assisted around blindspots with pole mounted, convex mirrors. I’d argue corners should be designed to not have these blindspots in the first place, but for those times where it’s unavoidable, such devices would be really useful.