The OSs Nico Cartron Uses


Last month I blogged about which OSs I use most frequently, which may be different from ones I’d prefer to use. The imitable Nico Cartron posted his own list, which is similar to mine.

The biggest difference? Aside from not needing to run Windows (I’m jealous), he gives a notable mention to the Amstrad CPC running C/PM, which is too cool. I came so close to buying a later model Amstrad PPC on eBay with the flippy LCD, but it went for silly money. One day I’ll save up enough to have an apartment big enough for a retrocomputer room, and shelving to fit all these machines.

Nico also runs Sailfish OS. iOS is fine, but it’s looking like a dead end for people who can’t use OLEDs. I’m half tempted to do what Nico did and keep an iPhone for work, and an indie handset for personal stuff.

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