The new Funan Centre


An earlier version of this post was published by accident that didn’t have the link to the article

From RetailInAsia:

The new Funan embodies a new paradigm for living, playing and working in Singapore’s city centre. The integrated redevelopment addresses the new generation of tech-savvy consumers who are in search of collaboration, experiences and recreation under one roof where they can engage, build community and express themselves.

If it won’t let me synergise those paradigms, I’m not interested. They really do use an entirely different language to us.

Jokes aside, I understand why internet shopping killed a tech mecca like Funan Centre. But it was still painful to read the news it had been knocked down; I spent most of my childhood between there and Sim Lim Square. I build my first computer from Make Fine in one of their stores, and spent many happy hours wandering around Edpol Systems, South Asia Computer, and the large Challenger anchor store upstairs

I should upload all the photos I took of it over the years somewhere.

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