The new Eclipse icon


With John’s talk about IBM and the Eclipse platform last week, I felt as though it was worth closing NetBeans (and TextMate) and giving it the old college try again.

I’ve only loaded the welcome screen so far, but one thing I did notice: their revised icon is gorgeous. Not to say the old one was less than attractive on my Mac dock, but rather… no wait, I was right the first time.

Naturally, there are some hardened developers who would scoff at the notion that pleasent graphics are important. Heck, all one needs is a motif flavoured build of emacs and a wireframe dwm-esque icon of some description, done!

Appreciate for a second though: if you’re a developer, how many hours of your day will that icon be there? Staring at you, with its purple orbiness?

May as well make it nice, I say.

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