Remember back on 5th March 2006 when I said I wanted the Accepting Applications for Japanese Girlfriends Tshirt?. Well while you're at ThinkGeek buying that I'd also love this!

The Mug Boss!

Slap a Mug Boss around your least favorite mug and it’s now a mega-strong receptacle for all your desk gear. Made with the same tough construction and materials as its larger contractor-grade cousin the Bucket Boss, the brawny Mug Boss is ready to be used and abused. It has twelve durable pockets which can hold almost anything (pens, screwdrivers, laser pointers, paper clips, Bawls Mints, ad infinitum). Larger items can go directly into the mug itself. To top it off, a hook and loop closure holds the whole thing secure (it fastens through the mug handle). Buy it, use it, love it – just please don’t call it an “office tool.”

That's too good! :D