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AliExpress can useful for buying certain components I can’t get from anywhere else, but the comments are the real gems. You’ll see people complaining that heatsinks get too hot, that a function generator couldn’t “detect” anything, and that a MiniPRO IC tester didn’t come with any EPROMs.

I suspect if the site sold electric cars, people would complain that all the petrol spilled out when they tried to pour it into the charging port, or that a DIMM stuck to the side of their phone didn’t offer any additional capacity. I suppose you self-select for such people when you compete so aggressively on price over anything else.

But this might be my new favourite. Under what was clearly a knock-off anime figure from either Kaguya-sama or Fate/Grand Order, I can’t remember:

Missing head. ★★★★☆

I don’t know about you, but I’d rate something significantly lower if I left without my head, let alone one missing from a statue. It’s not my most attractive feature, but I’m rather attached to it.

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