The Hyperion luggable from 1983


I love vintage computers, so it came as a surprise and delight to discover the Hyperion on Wikipedia, a Canadian luggable released in 1983. It was a similar vintage to the original Compaq Portabe and also ran a flavour of DOS, but weighed a third less.

Uncle Roger has some details:

The Dynalogic Hyperion was the first MS-DOS luggable, beating the more famous Compaq to market by a few months. Although stylish, it had its problems and could not compete with Compaq. In addition to being first, the Hyperion has the distinction of being one of the few Canadian computers. Unlike most luggables, the Hyperion stored its keyboard beneath the system unit, rather than using it as a cover for the front of the computer.

The understated design was gorgeous, especially compared to the Osbournes and Kaypros from the time. Thanks to Boardhead for sharing the photo below.

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