The HTML5 be evolving, breaking


The W3C Validator has recently started redirecting HTML5 queries to the Nu HTML Checker instead. And it’s like a box of chocolates...

Warning: Element header does not need a role attribute.

How far we’ve come. We used to need elements with role attributes, because in the frantic rush to cull all style from HTML and move to CSS, they cut too deep and removed meaning. Then we needed HTML5 elements with these role attributes for older clients. Now I suppose it’s assumed everyone recognises HTML5 elements, and casts them to their appropriate roles.

Warning: Consider using the h1 element as a top-level heading only.

Funny, we used to be told h1’s were appropriate in the context of article elements. No longer, it seems.

Warning: Zettai ryouiki is not grade A

To be fair, I don't have fabulous thighs.

But I digress. It brings me one step closer to just saying screw it, and going back to XHTML+RDF. At least then once a page is done, it’s done. Agents know exactly how to display it, because the version is right there in the first (or second) line. Future generations will need to consider when an HTML5 page was created to even have a shot at rendering them correctly.

But hey, “at least they're just warnings”, right?

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