The great Chatswood blackout of 2022


Power is out to most of my suburb today. Chatswood is one of Sydney’s northern commercial hubs, so navigating the busy streets without traffic lights as a pedestrian got the blood pumping.

(Still not as fun as crossing that highway in KL during one of their regular outages back in the mid-2000s. The sounds of that metal crunching behind me still haunt my dreams. Whoa, that went dark)!

It does serve as a reminder of:

  • how much we take wires of always-available energy for granted

  • how rapidly things have problems when it’s taken away, and

  • bullet points!

It’s interesting that it’s only affecting specific buildings on the same street. My hunch is it’s a single power feed (or a phase?).

Update: AusGrid says it’s back, but the traffic lights at our local intersection are still out.

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