Frank Nora had an all-too prescient point on the latest episode of The Overnightscape:

It's called The Void. Of course, you have guns and you're shooting things.

I don't know, maybe I'm out of touch with the world, but I'm tired of all the violence in all these [rides, video games]. Why can't we have an attraction without anyone getting shot, or stabbed? Holy fuck, enough of this stuff. It's ridiculous.

Do people love it that much that we need to have it in everything?

All the good games. Even this VR stuff... oh, you have a gun, you're a warrior. Okay, okay. Why can't we just be nice?

Ditto for movies as well. My late mum made the point that hospital dramas are for those without medical issues in their lives. Maybe violent movies and games are for those who aren't in violent places. Another point she made was how perverse it was that we consider natural naked bodies as offensive, but if people are wounded in unnatural ways, that's fine. It's disgusting.