John Roderick talked about something I know all too well on the latest Road Work with Dan Benjamin, emphasis added:

I said I’m trying to grow this out, would you leave the front long, because it takes longer to grow the front out, so will you just cut the back? And the guy said “absolutely, I know exactly what you want.”

So he was chatting along, and he cut the back, and it looked good. He got to the end, chat chat chat, cut cut cut. And the last thing he did was comb my bangs straight down and cut them off across the front.

He was absentminded or this was just a hair cut. I said “ah dude, I’ve been growing these bangs out for a long time!”

This happened to me constantly. I like having a fringe, or bangs as my American friends would say. As far as I know this is one of our only language differences where the Commonwealth word is singular, but the American alternative is plural. That’s fascinating.

Anyway my fringe would always get cut off despite asking otherwise. For those of us with less hair than we’d like, this is doubly a struggle! I was lucky I found a hair dresser in Chatswood now that respects my wishes.