The first RapidWeaver Post!


This post was originally created using a very slick client side Mac application called RapidWeaver. It made creating my third weblog and posts very easy, but being client side meant I needed to upload every small change, and it wasn’t free or open source. I moved over to WordPress a year later: forth time’s the charm right?

Well I've caved in.

For about a year now I've been sending out my voice in this world through podcasting; I think it's worked okay in some respects, but I've faced the fact that the audio medium is extremely clumsy for posting small snippets or ideas that come to me on an hourly basis through the day. I loved using and many a time I found myself posting links with detailed comments; then the idea dawned on me: how about a weblog instead? I mean, it's pretty much what I was doing anyway, might as well go the next step!

With all the hype and talk that video and audio podcasts have been recieving lately I'm going back to basics with a simple, no frills weblog designed to supplement my podcast.

Ol’ Bert on GMA

What did Big Kev say on the Good Morning Australia show? Oh yeah: "I'm Excited!"

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Ruben Schade is a technical writer and infrastructure architect in Sydney, Australia who refers to himself in the third person. Hi!

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