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Had probably the most productive day I've had today in a long time, and it had nothing to do with work or university. Sometimes I surprise even myself. Having lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for about a month now with my family again, and having my new Ikea desk and comfy office chair, I still never got around to actually setting it all up. The Rubenerd Show studio corner was set up with just the mixer, microphone and MadPlayer, and the other desktops were all strewn around everywhere with cables. Most of them weren't even working!

Now at 01:18am in the morning I've finished… almost!

For one thing there's internet, iTunes music sharing and file sharing on all the machines. I got our old D-Link 802.11b wireless access point we replaced configured instead as a wireless client which is then connected to a switch to connect cables to all the desktops that don't have wireless. The MacBook Pro and my custom built Athlon have their own wireless cards.

What was really satisfying though was getting my retro old iMac G3 Bondi Blue machine working! The very same machine that turned around Apple's fortunes; the one with the build in CRT; and here it is on my desk humming away doing Folding@Home… there's something about having one of your earlier computers from a bygone era running that feels really good. I know most mobile phones these days have more power than this desktop but it's piece of computing history; and it was the machine that turned me from a Windows user to a Mac-phile in the first place. Just think, before that machine I was on Windows 98… makes me feel dirty, yuk!

As for my mum, she won her really expensive bracelet on eBay today. I thought for something that will probably go into a drawer in a few weeks it was horribly overpriced, and with her medical bills still needing to be paid off is the last thing we need… but I haven't seen her this happy in a long time. I guess you can't put a price on happiness; I'm just worried that it will fizzle out pretty soon and we'll be left with the massive bill like some of her other gigantic spontaneous shop-aholic purchases. I know I sound cold, but that's the grim reality I'm afraid. I guess we'll revel in the happiness for now and enjoy it while it lasts.

Anyway spent the evening with my mum out in what we affectionately call "The Cafe" which is looking really nice now. It's the downstairs open air balcony, but we've decorated it with bamboo slat curtains that go from the ceiling right down to the ground, Balinese soap-stone statues, masses of pot plants and candles. In the evening here in Gita Bayu (our housing park in Malaysia) it's very pleasent. I'll have to post some pictures on Flickr.

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