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As I was typing the above line I almost put "Dido, White Fag". Would have had an entirely different meaning!

My mum has now been on chemotherapy again for about a week. She seems to be coping a bit better with this round, though I guess "coping" is a relative term. She's in a lot of pain in her bones and joints but doesn't feel like being sick so I guess we can be thankful for that. As long as she takes it easy I'm hoping she'll be okay.

She's on two separate treatments, one she's had before but also a newer one which instead of trying to attack the tumour cells and in the process doing a lot of damage to other perfectly good tissue instead attempts to block the cells blood supply. I'm not sure how that works, but it is reassuring to know that new treatments are coming out all the time.

My dad left for Beijing last night; Shell has apparently purchased a Chinese oil company so he's over there to inspect their grease plant to see if it's useful. It's going to be -4 degrees this Thursday so sounds like fun! He says its surprising how some Singaporeans and Malay Chinese have a lot of difficulty communicating with Mainland Chinese because their work ethic and the way they use the language is so radically different. I was surprised, I just assumed that Mandarin Chinese was Mandarin Chinese.

Time Passes…

Now I'm sitting here in my mum's bedroom with my MacBook Pro, she's on the iBook. It's 11:31 PM and I've just made a cup of coffee, awesome! We're sitting here talking and typing away, it's nice.

She's saying now that she's been in contact with Dr. Fuad and that she'll be getting some stronger pain killers next time she goes into the hospital which I'm sure will be a relief. I'm worried about the pain she's feeling, is this normal for this medication? I worry way too much about these things, I'm sure its fine but in the back of my head it worries me. Am I weird?

Anyway this coffee is getting cold and I can't stand typing with only one hand and drinking coffee with the other.

Signing out,

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