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Today was mostly dominated with the results of two developments. I'll start with the first development, which is usually a good way to start because starting with the second thing would actually be reassigning the second thing priority and making it the first thing, which defeats the purpose.

The mid term election results in the United States started trickling in to us rest-of-the-world people today. Turning on the BBC and CNN this morning showed waves of pleased Democrats announcing their success in the House of Representatives.

But it didn't stop there! Living in Malaysia, a moderate Muslim country, there were noticeable signs of relief amongst everyone. The feeling here, and I imagine in most of the Islamic world, is that the West views all of them as terrorists. I think its safe to say that most of us living outside the United States fear George W. Bush more than the terrorists (some don't even think they're mutually exclusive), so to have his power and his agenda for his last two long years in office effectively sidelined is nothing but good news for the rest of us.

Frank Nora on the Overnightscape would have voted Libertarian which I congratulate him for; he says he does it because he feels good voting for them rather than voting for the lesser of two evils. I can relate; in Australia I always vote for the Greens party, not because they're the lesser of two evils but because I actually agree with everything they stand for. Some people may dismiss our votes toward smaller parties as wasted, but the way I see it voting is all about saying who you think is the best party or person to lead the country.

The second result concerned my sister: she had her last school exam for the year today, so she's free! She seems a bit worried about what some of her results will be but I'm sure she did well. The big difference between us I think is in "what way we're smart" if you get my drift: I recieved great marks in my computer and science subjects in high school because I had a really keen interest in the subjects themselves to start off with; my sister wasn't interested in any of her subjects and I suspect she'll do just as well as I did! She's certainly smarter than me I can guarantee people that.

We celebrated with Pizza. George W. Bush screwed and my sister's last school exam, there was reason to celebrate!

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