The Cranberries: Dreams


Today’s Music Monday is in celebration of a Cranberries LP Clara and I bought last week. Becuase that’s what we do now! The excitement of finding an album you recognise in a second-hand store, or a re-release in a music store, then then taking it home and playing it on your refurbished, overengineered 1980s turntable, it’s so much fun! Who’d have thunk it?

Play Dreams

Dreams is one of most intensely-nostalgic songs from my childhood. Hearing this on the car radio, and walking around shops with my parents, are among the only memories I have of Australia before we moved to Singapore. It seemed to be everywhere. Clara asked me last week what the early 1990s sounded like, and I said this.

The composition and sublime backing instrumentation always fascinated me, as did Dolores’s beautiful, unique voice. The Cranberries had some great tracks, but this will always be my favourite.

Years later, and I use this alongside Roxy Music’s Avalon and a few Michael Franks tunes when I want to test a sound system. It only seems fitting to use it again on our new (for us) Hi-Fi.

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