Mac legend Brent Simmons writing “How We Work Together”:

To swim with the current these days is to use git. But I like Mercurial better — and I think Mercurial is to Macintosh as git is to Windows. That’s probably not fair or rational, but it doesn’t really matter, since both git and Mercurial are excellent systems.

I have similar sentiments. While I find Mercurial to be a far better fit personally, I made the switch to Git largely because most of my favourite projects now use it. Which is to say, they use Github.

I do have a couple of private hg repos on Bitbucket, but I’ll probably be making the switch to Git soon. A smarter person could juggle both systems, but I prefer just using the one. Heck I only just stopped using SVN for my personal projects last year, and CVS for my FreeBSD updates.

Good heavens, remember CVS? I may prefer Mercurial, but wow Git is a lovely warm cup of tea compared to that!

Follow up

A few people have informed me on Twitter that it’s spelled “git”, not “Git”. While technically true, it’s “Yahoo!” not “Yahoo” as well, but who spells it as such? I suppose including a whopping big logo with the correct spelling didn’t compensate for my use of capitalisation (^_~).