The Big Three, huge cars and sales


Ford Range Rover Knockoff

I don't know how I came across the Ford America website, but on the front page of their Auto Show section they proudly display the above car. What I want to know is, doesn't it look like a Range Rover knockoff? I know Range Rover is owned by Ford (or at least it used to be) but don't you think they could have been more creative rather than just slapping on a Ford badge to the grille?

Anyway it's pretty much a moot point, the fact is none of the Big Three car makers in the US are doing too well, and according to Dvorak Uncensored (and if it's on Dvorak Uncensored it MUST be true!) the Japanese have taken over in percentage of sales for the first time. Do you think it might have something to do with the fact that the Japanese are investing so much time and effort into creating more fuel efficient cars instead of pumping out ugly SUVs and "light" trucks?

I guess that's why I was disappointed by the Mitsubishi 380 which was designed and is being built in South Australia. Just what we need, petrol guzzling palaces right?

I love it when I talk about Open Source software on my blog.

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