The best cooking smells


Photo of my most recently-baked loaves.

Of all the food you’ve ever cooked—or had cooked for you—what would you consider the best from the perspective of your nasal area? In October 2011, the J-Walk Blog featured this list:

  1. Garlic cooking in oil
  2. Basmati rice
  3. Turkey on Thanksgiving day

Oddly, despite my penchant for chicken roasts, I don’t find the smell of cooking poultry that appetising. I give him props for the first two however, and would add the following:

  1. Garlic *and onion* cooking in oil
  2. Freshly baked bread
  3. Freshly ground coffee

I also have some food I otherwise enjoy the taste of, but can’t stand it being cooked:

  1. Ikan bilis
  2. Lingering curry aroma during breakfast the next day

Pictured is one of my baking attempts “Rubenerd: My second bread baking attempt”).

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