The ball is in your court Ourmedia


Waiting for that email folks… any email at all!
Waiting for that email folks… any email at all!

I'm typing this post with a sense of dissapointment and frustration which is never a good mindset to talk rationally about a subject, but in this case I feel it's nessisary to plow ahead.

I have now sent FIVE emails to Ourmedia over this last fortnight and I haven't got anything back at all, not even boilerplate.

For those not aware what's going on, Ourmedia is an Internet Archive backed media hosting site which for some reason several weeks ago stopped letting me log in or even display my member page. Curiously my Ourmedia blog and Ourmedia links pages are all still there, and if you browse the Internet Archives you can see all my content. As far as Ourmedia goes though, it's as if I'm half dead, half not. They think I'm the living dead.

ASIDE: Does Ourmedia think I’m a vampire?

Given I'm moving webhosts because my current one is going under, I was really desperate to get my Rubenerd Show podcast episodes over to their site, and I still am. I also really want to start recording new ones again sometime soon!

It's a crying shame given Ourmedia is non profit (I'm not going to put my audio material on a commercial site), has a great community, is specifically designed for a remix Creative Commons culture and I'm a huge fan of JD Lasica (the founder)… but I'm starting to think the support guys are just ignoring me.

Given this situation I may have no choice but to eliminate the middle man and start hosting files on the Internet Archives directly instead. As I said above I don't want to miss out on the community and my friends on Ourmedia, but I'm left with no other options.

In the meantime Ourmedia folks, if you'd be able to check my account, see why it's innaccessible and fix it, I'd love to come back. Unfortunately I don't think I can wait much longer.

The ball is in your court Ourmedia.

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