Enough electronic ink has been spilled discussing the Apple Watch, from the more interesting technical aspects, to the utterly inane chatter about pricing. Good grief, even as an Apple user I'm embarrased.

But did you see how I referred to it above? That's right, I called it "the Apple Watch". Just like people do in the real world, I use the word "the" as an article in front of nouns.

The indelible Wikipedia defines a grammar article as "a word (or prefix or suffix) that is used with a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun." It's important for sentence flow; or as Marco Arment said in defence of the Oxford Comma, it allows us to parse sentences more easily.

Granted, Apple have long since referred to their devices without the "the" article. If they did so for marketing, so be it. If they did it to foster that usage in the public, they've failed.

With the Apple Watch, the conceited cringe level is approaching epic proportions within certain members of the tech press. Fortunately, even the veterans do slip up:

On the Apple Watch Display [..] Apple hasn’t officially stated that Apple Watch uses an AMOLED display, but it’s sort of an open secret.

A few nouns throughout history have eschewed (gesunteit) "the", most notably Concorde. Last I checked though, the Apple Watch wasn't co-developed by the French, nor has this alternate naming scheme caught on despite more than a decade of Apple marketing.

So please, from the general public to the tech press, stop calling it "Apple Watch". You're embarrassing yourselves, and proving you're out of touch.