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Coming to you live from the San Francisco Coffee House in Mid Valley Mega Mall in Kuala Lumpur! Drumroll please…

After millions of hours of blood, sweat and tiers (thanks for that line James ;) ) the updated 2007 Rubenerd Blog skin has finally been rolled out. I'll be mirroring the same design onto the Rubenerd Show site soon too, but I thought I'd field test it here first.

Rubenerd Blog c.2006

Rubenerd Blog version 3

Rubenerd Blog c.2007

Rubenerd Blog version 4

The biggest challenge when updating this design? Internet Explorer! I got the design down pat and working in Gecko and WebKit without modification, but loading it up in good old IE6 broke more of the page than I thought would have been possible! Internet Explorer 7 was marginally better, but with so many people still running their XP machines without updates we'll probably have to continue writing out IE6 CSS hacks for a long time to come.

Steven Colbert from the Colbert Report and Jimbob Kloss from Whole Wheat Radio both say that people who have blogs and podcasts that simply talk about their blogs and podcasts are no good. If you agree, then please disregard this post ;).

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