Privately ask leading conservatives what they hate about the ABC and they’ll focus on programming and presenters. They loathe 7.30 Report presenter Kerry O’Brien (a former Labor Party employee) and his occasional fill-in, Maxine McKew (whose partner, Bob Hogg, is a former ALP national secretary).

Don’t start them on Phillip Adams and Radio National whose programs, they say, largely reflect the interests of the left – opposition to Israel, support for Aborigines, gays and lesbians, refugees, welfare recipients and scepticism about the Iraq war (In fairness to the conservatives, the Labor right made similar noises while in government.)

~ The Bulletin: ABC At War

What's wrong with all of those "interests of the left?" Are you telling me right wing conservatives don't support Aborigines, hate gays, lesbians, refugees, welfare, and thing the Iraq war is a good thing?

Okay, guess I answered my own question.