That’s a few typos


I think I’ve set a new weekly record for the number of posts including a spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistkae. Wiat, mistake. WAIT, mistake. Thanks to all of you who sent corrections, and others who saw the mistakes, shook your heads in bemusement, and moved on.

People ask me how I blog regularly. Turns out it’s the same way that all but guarantees such linguistic issues. Are linguistic issues limited to speech? Most of my posts are written within the space of a few minutes, if that. I find the stream of conciousness approach easier to write, and sounds more conversational when read back.

Long-form posts tend to be written on weekends. Those are ones that have more research, maybe inline images, and references. With hindsight I should have classified them differently from posts like this, so you could only read long-form content if you wanted. I suppose I could write a script to tag each post with more than a specified number of words. I’ll just add that to the burgeoning one day pile, along with migrating my Jekyll paper theme to Hugo to replace this one, and learning how to fry garlic without it spitting everywhere.

I can’t remember who’s book on writing I gleaned this from, but they suggested the best way to write is in “typewriter” mode without a backspace key. It forces you to get your ideas down so you can wordsmith them later if needed. It’s such a simple idea, but it’s the best bit of advice I’ve ever read.

Ideas are what are import to me, not flair or style. As I’m sure you’ve noticed!

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