That time he whinged about a headache


Midway through June I started feeling a slight throbbing in my head, coupled with motion sickness. It’s been three weeks, and while it hasn’t got any worse, it also hasn’t improved. My ability to whinge has though, so allow me to be self indulgent for a moment.

I used to get terrible migraines growing up, often twice a month. After turning thirty I get the equivalent number a year, which is a vast improvement, even if the change is utterly inexplicable. If you’ll let me get mushy, I’ll bet moving in with Clara helped with this more than anything else. Most of what I get now are the garden variety headaches that can be mitigated with some ibuprofen, Tiger Balm, drinking lots of water, and taking a cool shower.

Mitigated? I’ve been writing too many technical reports and tenders.

But this headache is different. The closest I can describe it is motion sickness, without at least the satisfaction of having gone somewhere for my pain. I’ve had a few tests and seen two doctors, and got a clean bill of health each time. This is great! But also frustrating; I would have almost preferred them telling me I had something so they could just address it.

So for now I just keep living with this mildly frustrating headache that I’ve now had for more than three weeks. Hey, at least I wasted your time having you read this too :).

What was your longest headache? What are your triggers? How do you cope? I’d love to hear from you via Twitter, or on the email address on my About page. Let me know Ruben sent you.

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