I’ve been taking time during this travelling to write, explore, and perhaps catch up on Fate/Grand Order. I’m stoked to have Tohsaka Rin’s nostalgic uniform as a Mystic Code for many reasons, not least because I think I look rather fetching:

Screenshot showing my Master wearing Tohsaka Rin's uniform as a mystic code.

Yes I play as the female master, as previously mentioned. It still throws me sometimes when I read the story dialogue and I’m referred to as she and her. But I’ll take any compliments in my clearly brilliant abilities in any form they so wish to express.

Perhaps the biggest surprise from the most recent event was seeing Medusa wearing the uniform as a plot device. I appreciate they pay homage to the earlier Fate installments for their old school fans.

Medusa in the same uniform, sauing 'This is... well, this was nor part of the plan.

I feel that dialogue could describe 2019 so far.