Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts!


I’ve been overwhelmed and happy by the volume of lovely messages people have sent me about my hospital adventures last week. Other people have had far worse and scarier experiences than what I went through, but its good to know that I can be gone for a week and people notice my absence!

Four comments:

  • Jim Kloss of the late Whole Wheat Radio fame indicated that snorting those electrolyte ice poles would be ill advised. While I do appear to be performing this act in the photo, I’m relieved to report I was ingesting them orally.

  • Hales of Haelstrom joked that the nurses must have noticed my predilection obsession with a certain mobile game as the impetus for putting me on an IV. Good thing I’ve given that a break.

  • A classy, anonymous gentleman who may have even figured out how to put on pants this morning said I was blatantly seeking attention, and that I’m no better than an Instagram Influencer.™ Good thing I was already in a ward for that sick burn, though I wonder how it must hurt holding them to dish out all the time.

  • Rebecca commented that I’ll do anything to get out of following up on the fitness post I was supposed to have posted months ago. Touché!

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