Thanking Medicare and RNS staff


Where have I been this week? Hospital! But aside from some splitting headaches and a strictly controlled diet of dry toast and electrolyte juice that’s wearing thinner than some of my jokes, I’m doing well.

Earlier this week I came home and felt pangs in my stomach. Within an hour I was throwing up and dry retching continuously, and couldn’t even keep water down. I thought I could sleep it out, but Clara wasn’t having any of it and insisted I go to hospital.

I went to A&E at the Royal North Shore, got checked out by a nurse, was taken into a room with a bed and given a couple of IV drips, then bundled into another room and observed for the night. I was rocking a 38.8 degree fever and my chest was tight, but by the morning I was able to take small sips of water, and could gingerly eat a elecrolyte icy pole.

All this to say I went to hospital, they got my Australian Medicare details, and immediately treated me. No paperwork, no payment, they saw someone in need and helped me. Thank you :')

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