#Anime Princess of the Crystal, from Jeremy!


When I first started Rubenerd here, I did it mostly to express myself, have fun, and for remembering how to do things. A few years ago I put a simple buy me a coffee link in the sidebar, and have been overwhelmed with all your generosity.

A few weeks ago, I added a link to my Amazon wish list. As with the buy a coffee link, I didn’t really expect anyone to buy me anything from it. Still, it was a lot of fun to generate the list!

Well, yesterday morning I got a message in my inbox to say someone had bought me something from my wish list, a Good Smile Company Princess of the Crystal anime fig, from the Mawaru Penguindrum series! An email later, I learned my benefactor was Jeremy in Singapore. A delightfully self-deprecating, friendly person, all he wished for was to have his last name kept anonymous, and to thank me for all my “interesting fun blog posts about anime”. What a gentleman :)

I’m humbled beyond belief. Thank you Jeremy, she will be displayed proudly alongside the rest of the gang ^_^.

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