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If you're a TextMate user like moi, you're eyes aren't decieving you, revision 1616 was pushed through this morning! I'd almost forgotten what the software update window looked like in this app!

Ch… ch… ch… changes

If you update you'll get the full list of changes, but these in particular had me jumping up and down with delight:

[NEW] Included Make bundle among the default bundles.

[FIXED] Solved problem with broken application after software update. Ticket D8B9A720.

[CHANGED] Change next/previous file tab key equivalents to shift command [ and ]. This has become the de facto standard.

[FIXED] On Snow Leopard TextMate should no longer lose last used folder for Save As. Ticket FEE58154.

That’s pretty freaky Bowie

Funnily enough, the last major update was also in November, in 2009. And no, the irony didn't escape me that I'm making a joke about updates considering November has been the quiestest month on this site in years. I've been busy! Super busy! Super freak! Wait, that's Rick James, not David Bowie. Or Major Tom.

In my personal and completely umbiased opinion, Vim/Cream/MacVim is great for editing all kinds of configuration files and scripts, NetBeans is suited for those large and unwieldly Java projects which fortunately I've been spared from lately, and TextMate with the right bundles and tmproj's is simply superb for small to medium projects.

As I've said before, I've also started using and appreciating gedit when I'm on my Fedora ThinkPad or my FreeBSD tower, but I don't admit to that. Serious geek cred would be lost. Right?

Oh yeah, and I… cough… still use the IBM E Editor in DOSBox with Steve Gibson's provided syntax highlighting app in AUTOEXEC.BAT. Feel free to start wailing on me with bats now.

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