A discussion on Hacker News about TextMate 2.0 spawned a fascinating general discussion on text editors, specifically what people have replaced TextMate with in its intervening abandonware years. Because I have a blog, I leave my comments here! ^_^

Editor Platform Comment
ZEdit DOS Syntax highlighting, in 1993! Wonderful editor
MS-DOS Edit MS-DOS Mostly in it’s QBasic form
IBM E Editor PC DOS Should have been the default for MS-DOS too
Taco HTML OS X Beautiful little editor
Smultron OS X Formally free editor with side tabs
TextMate OS X Great for small projects, but I replaced it with…
MacVim OS X With NERDTree, it’s my new favourite editor!
nano Console My first job used this, surprisingly!
Vim Console With vi compatibilty mode set to… off ;)
nvi *BSD Not my first choice, but can use now if need be
Emacs Console Not bad, just not my cup of tea
Kate KDE My favourite graphical *nix editor ^_^
Gedit Gnome Very capable and lightweight
Geany GTK+ More of an IDE, but worth a mention!
C=BASIC Plus/4 Retroactively learned on some 2nd hand hardware ^_*

As a matter of disclosure, this post was created in one of the aforementioned text editors.