Testing a new machine


This is my first blog post written on a new work MacBook Pro, or laptop, or notebook, or whatever people call it now to indemnify themselves from delivering leg burns to an unsuspecting operator’s leg. Where else would you deliver a leg burn? This process turns out to be a fantastic way of testing that my personal toolchain works through and through. Publishing blog posts, not burning legs.

I still think of utility belts when sysadmins and developers discuss their personal toolchains, like something Al Borland would have worn with Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. Wow I miss the 1990s. A friend of mine said personal toolchain sounded more like BDSM, which to me always sounded like onomatopoeia for a sneeze.

It is remarkable how quickly we can get systems moved over thesedays thanks to a combination of homelab FreeBSD OpenZFS servers, encrypted cloud storage, version control repositories, and some YubiKeys. It also occurs to me that I’ve referred to toolchains, thesedays, and YubiKeys despite MacVim insisting both be hyphenated. This comes across as a bit hypocritical given it should probably be Mac-Vim. Yes that was a joke.

Have you noticed how many people spend their personal lives correcting people for jokes, when the entire setup—or should that be set-up?—depends on it confusing something. Had I not said the above were a joke, someone would have informed me that :spell in MacVim comes from Vim, and that MacVim is merely a shell. To which I would have said no, a shell is the hard, outer surface of a sea creature predisposed to producing them.

Welcome to macOS Catalina

Don’t mess anything up, and I’ll consider that all the features I need. My other machine runs Mojave specifically because of the stories I’ve read. About computers, among other things. Like bagels.

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