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Speaking of my evil drafts folder, Frank Nora and I got this wonderful message from Terry late last year:

What a treat! (it’s Halloween season, get it?)

Just finished listening to the series of shows with Frank, Manny and Denise as they show off parts of the NYC/NJ area to Ruben and Clara.

Terry is referring to this Overnightscape episode. One of the most fun days of my life, am glad that came through in the audio.

It was great to listen and follow along on Google Earth all the places they visited. I particularly loved the stops in Frank’s childhood neighborhood, The Devil Tree, Chimney Rock/Buttermilk Falls and the visit to Mitsuwa for the clash of Eastern US meets Western Pacific culture. Following along on Google Earth and deciphering all the subtle clues from the audio descriptions provided by everyone really does add an additional dimension to the istening experience - lots of fun indeed!

I hadn’t thought of that, but the geographic journey does add a whole other level. Now I want to create a map of this myself!

Looking forward to some day hearing Frank and Denise’s visit to Singapore or Sydney as the favor is returned by Ruben and Clara showing them their part of the world. I just love these experiences albeit from a third party and distant perspective.

This would be wonderful! It does cost a lot though, and losing an entire day flying isn’t any fun. Singapore or Japan would be a fun half-way point though I’m sure we could have fun and explore in.

Hummmmm… after listening to these episodes, including the “Local Adventure” episode with Manny and Roel, I’m thinking about a new episode of Escapist Radio again. Time to reignite imaginations once again but I need to find just the riiiiiight topic.

Sounds good! Maybe a topic could be why Ruben always got The Dadaist Cabaret and The Escapist names confused, like elbows/shoulders, washing machines/dish washers, and some earlier New Time Radio programmes. I don’t know why, they’re completely different programmes, but I realise I even did it again when I replied to Terry.

And for “Rubenerd”… Vostro still sucks!

Cheers to all!

Terry L. May


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