Terramaster NAS’s eye-opening CVE


As published last Tuesday, via @da_667 on Mastodon:

TerraMaster NAS 4.2.29 and earlier allows remote attackers to discover the administrative password by sending “User-Agent: TNAS” to module/api.php?mobile/webNasIPS and then reading the PWD field in the response.

This is hauntingly similar to how I got into a photocopier/print server in my high school library in the mid-2000s. I couldn’t believe the password was delivered to the endpoint for local comparison. It also delightfully dropped every non-alphanumeric character, and translated every letter into lowercase before evaluation, just to remove some more entropy.

(I disclosed the issues, because I’m a square)!

As an aside, expect to see more fundamental mistakes like this when artificial “intelligence” tools write more code. We’re told it should only be used as a guide, or be reviewed by a human first. We know it won’t be.

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