I went sixteen years without this page, but it’s probably necessary now that some of my posts are being shared in high-profile places.

To paraphrase technical writer Chris Sanders:

It’s my [site] and I can do what I want here.

This blog has always been a labor of love project for me. I find writing cathardic, and a practical way to remember thoughts, news, and processes. This ethos informs the rest of this page.


General disclaimer

I’m not motivated to deceive or harm. That said, everything written here is provided “AS IS” with absolutely no warranties, expressed or implied. You acknowledge your responsibility to perform due diligence after reading anything here. This includes—but is not limited to—technical, financial, medical, and legal information.

You are also expected to engage in critical thinking here, as you should everywhere! That includes knowing when something is embellished or joked about. I know you know what that means.

Privacy policy

This site doesn’t host first or third-party trackers, or store cookies on your machine. I respect your privacy as a matter of principle.

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I accept comments through email and Twitter. I’m usually unreasonably happy to get them! I may even quote you if I think there’s something useful for everyone.

But while you can disagree with what I’ve written, I don’t owe you an explanation or engagement, nor can you demand them of me (see above). I specifically ignore comments that:

  1. are spam;
  2. are dishonest;
  3. only serve to nitpick;
  4. are written in bad faith;
  5. engage in character attacks;
  6. miss/ignore points, willfully or otherwise;
  7. demonstrate a lack of comprehension; or
  8. any other reason I want (see above)!

If you don’t agree, I wish you the very best browsing other sites.

Terms of use

All my text and podcast episodes are licenced under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution, and the 3-Clause BSD licence. I’m happy for you to quote and use my words, provided you give attribution and link back to the original page.

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Is a word with ten letters. Thanks for reading!