Telstra feedback survey


I cancelled my Tesltra mobile plan, and was offered a questionnaire with multiple choice answers. The ones I chose are quoted below.

When the mobile phone plan was with Telstra, were you unhappy with any of the following?

  • Telstra in-store customer service experience(s)
  • Exceeding the monthly data allowance
  • Reliability of Telstra’s network

With the new mobile plan with $BLAH did you get any of the following?

  • The network reliability you need
  • Mobile phone coverage in the areas you need
  • A higher montly mobile data allowance
  • A plan with a less expensive/cheaper monthly cost

Thinking about the new mobile with $BLAH, what were the main reasons you chose your provider?

  • Customer service
  • Network
  • Plan

They seemed to ask the same question multiple times. This is by design, they want to validate what you’re saying. Curiously, the first two questions asking about decisions to leave Telstra didn’t include any relevant answers.

In the further comments box:

Overall the service was mostly fine, but didn’t measure up to the cost. The accessory repayment option was redundant and misleading, and the staff at your George Street store employed high pressure sales tactics which were tiresome to deflect. Very low data caps, even by Australian standards. Your network was often down, and family on Optus and Vodafone networks had better coverage on the same hardware at my father’s rural house, etc. Thanks for giving me the chance to offer feedback.

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