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Gordon Haff's Pervasive Datacentre

Just posed a longish comment on Gordon Haff's latest article for CNET News.com (Technology takes time). As I first said about Gordon's blog back in December 2008 (Gordon Haff’s Pervasive Datacenter review) his blog is one of the few on News.com I have all the time in the world to read.

As I’ve said on my own blog, I always find it a pleasure to read your stories Gordon because you takes the time to really research and hash out ideas for us rather than just making sweeping comments after an otherwise dry news story. It might also be one of the reasons your stories rarely attract the trolls that plague other CNET News.com stories which is a relief beyond comprehension! (though perhaps just as much spam alas).

On the topic in question, it does seem uptake of technology is accelerating, though its still far slower than I think people who spend their entire lives studying and reporting on tech realise. You humbly admit that you’ve “been guilty of this”, but I think its fair to say all of us in this industry have been, and certainly on a plane of hype and reality you definitely fall on the more moderate side!

What I also think is interesting is how so called cloud computing services are changing the paradigm of the software "upgrade". In this case, because software is running on their servers they can be confident everyone is running the latest version of their software. Even with pervasive (pun on your blog’s name!) software updating tools, this simply isn’t possible with client side software. I suppose this is what people advocating thin clients were saying last decade.

As for the comment about Optus, they’re my telephone company for my iPhone in Australia and they’re pretty terrible! I’m studying here but grew up in Singapore where they really have mobile phone networks figured out, as cvaldes1831 said.

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