Teabags photo by André Karwath on Wikimedia Commons

While rational, logical people with common sense, decency and a sense of humour are doing their bit to discredit the increasingly scary self described "teabaggers" in the United States, I reckon I have the ultimate rebuttal.

  1. The "teabaggers" claim they derived their name not from the sexual act, but from the Boston Tea Party in 1773 where people threw crates of tea into Boston Harbour.

  2. Teabags weren’t invented until 1901.

I rest my case.


This post is dedicated to Annette Shaklett who enlightens and keeps me informed of the goings on in the States everyday with her shared items in Google Reader. If you're reading this Sparx, you probably already pointed out this logical fallacy a long time ago, but if we could pretend I came up with this on the spot because I'm so super smart and all that, I'd appreciate it. I mean, who are they going to believe, a wickedly talented artist and a nice person like you, or a guy with a terrible blog like me? Wait, don't answer that.

And thanks to André Karwath on the socialist Wikimedia Commons for the tea bag photo. Those evil Creative Commons and free media people should go move to Cuba.