Television post archive

  1. Rest in peace, Bert Newton
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  5. Midsomer Murders on finding things
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  9. Curiosity Stream
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  12. I don’t watch the Emmy awards, but…
  13. Supanova Sydney 2011, with almost no photos!
  14. Daffy Duck
  15. It’s The Mind
  16. The Great Money Caper
  17. Bill Nye the Awesome Guy
  18. Moss is awesome like that
  19. Ducky Pops
  20. Egypt is about the size of Glenn Beck’s head
  21. The Bird is The Word tattoo
  22. Murray Christmas
  23. Flight of the Murray Photoshoppers
  24. Brit Hume is a Tool and Singapore’s oil spill
  25. Giving up television for a year
  26. Futurama is being un-Wonderfalls-ed!
  27. Anti-swearing people don’t like nerds?
  28. David O’Doherty D’Ont get The Twitters!
  29. Escape to the Country on 7Two
  30. Big game Simpson fever
  31. Christopher Hitchens on QandA in Australia
  32. Jean Luc Picard on Data’s name
  33. Nostalgia for the 1990s
  34. Surfin Bird over Aussie brekkie TV
  35. Rubenerd Fun Fact #77: Shane Rogers
  36. Westpac’s bold new advertising campaign
  37. I Mad Men’d myself!
  38. I love Letterman’s tie
  39. Homer Simpson and the FBI
  40. My Future Self ‘n Me
  41. The Springfield Connection
  42. My top five favourite British TV shows, part two
  43. My top five favourite British comedies
  44. Public service annoucement from The Simpsons
  45. I heart Lois Griffin and her ways
  46. Blatently fabricated Boston Legal quote
  47. Homer Simpson on Wings
  48. I’m not Bill Kurtis and other observations
  49. A juxtaposition of life lessons from television
  50. The single greatest cartoon of all time
  51. Stewie and Brian building a house together
  52. Welcome back to the world America, we missed you
  53. Misleading late night Citibank commercials
  54. Video: Now there’s a gas leak in Adelaide!
  55. Internet censorship discussed on Aussie breakfast TV
  56. The Simpsons 0913: Joy of Sect
  57. Open seven days a week, it means to us
  58. An audience with the prime minister
  59. Come home, it’s supper time!
  60. Even Aussies think Sarah Palin is funny!
  61. It’s a personal pineapple
  62. Sunrise, Spring and September musingS
  63. Eye really like my EyeTV
  64. I have James Woods!
  65. Homer Simpson’s barbecue pit
  66. Hey Joe, what’s your handicap?
  67. The Hinton train disaster revisited
  68. DCI Tom Barnaby in Midsomer Murders
  69. Kuala Lumpur International Airport WiFi is sweet!
  70. New Ruby Website
  71. Opening DAA Files On A Mac
  72. Michael Johnson’s Celebration of English Humour!
  73. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  74. 9/11 Programme on Channel 9
  75. Sailor Moon Season One DVD Reviewed
  76. The Anti-Football League
  77. UniSA: Low Repeat Viewing for TV Programs
  78. Miyazaki Nodoka from Negima
  79. Food for Male Cats
  80. Tropical PowerPuff Girl
  81. Yasmine’s Getting Married Cancelled!
  82. Jenson Button Wins!
  83. QuizMania Versus David Letterman
  84. DVDs: User Operation Prohibited
  85. Coles Stuck In The 1950’s?
  86. I’m Not The Only One Who Hates Rove
  87. Wonderfalls TV Series Review, Firefly All Over Again!
  88. Fan Mail to David Letterman
  89. Dick Cheney’s Admission
  90. Quote From Playing God
  91. Home.Life.Style’s Dell Ad
  92. Should Daniel Craig Be Bond?
  93. Huey’s Hints: Poached Eggs
  94. Tips From Ready Steady Cook
  95. Another Day Bites The Dust
  96. Yahoo!7 Review
  97. Pointless Sales
  98. Murphy Brown, Windows XP and cold gymnists
  99. The first RapidWeaver Post!