Retrocomputing post archive

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  10. An Intel i387SL coprocessor for my AMD Am386SX
  11. The ESS AudioDrive ES1868F for sound and IDE
  12. My 386SX’s working Acer MIO-400 IO card
  13. My new ISA/PCI PC diagnostic card
  14. Converting imz floppy disk images
  15. Organising DOS software and drivers in an ISO
  16. Breaking a Commodore 16 key, and retrocomputer storage
  17. Restoring my 1983 “Aldi” Commodore VC-20
  18. The OSs Nico Cartron Uses
  19. Feedback: preventing streaks when retrobrighting
  20. Comparing VIC-20 and C64 cart sizes
  21. I fixed my beautiful little Commodore Plus/4!
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  26. Retrocomputing can be more than games
  27. Wouter Groeneveld digresses
  28. Troubleshooting my Commodore 128’s 80-column mode, part one
  29. Douglas Brebner on integration and complexity
  30. Dual-boot NT and NetBSD on the Libretto 70CT