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  1. Feedback on my “not sure if UNIX won” post
  2. Unix Text Processing
  3. Troubleshooting netatalk3 in a FreeBSD jail
  4. Some of my posts appearing on NetBSD Planet
  5. Feedback about FreeBSD, Linux VM gatekeeping
  6. NetBSD 9.2’s new default package DB location
  7. What you can’t install with NetBSD’s pkgsrc
  8. Using NetBSD’s pkgsrc everywhere I can
  9. Clearing nginx’s cache
  10. I’m not sure that UNIX won
  11. Umbrage at trying FreeBSD and Linux in VMs
  12. Answering @klarainc: Where I started with ZFS
  13. My state of macOS virtualisation, with FreeBSD and NetBSD digressions
  14. Things I was thankful for in 2020
  15. Block copy disk over SSH with gzip
  16. NetBSD 9.1, FreeBSD 12.2-R, OpenBSD 6.8
  17. Forgetting to set UTF normalisation on a ZFS pool
  18. You don’t need tmux or screen for ZFS
  19. FSF’s Free Software Gang almost included FreeBSD
  20. nvi2 in FreeBSD ports
  21. More FreeBSD HPE Microserver homelab answers
  22. .dotfile management
  23. My humble homelab, with awful ASCII diagrams
  24. csh feedback from @debdrup
  25. Custom tab completions in oksh
  26. NetBSD used to default to csh
  27. Netatalk3 Mac file sharing on NetBSD
  28. Quick FreeBSD bridge when your switch is full
  29. Removing characters with tr
  30. Help NetBSD test 9.0 Release Candidate 2
  31. A personal retrospective on the 2010s
  32. What a FreeBSD guy uses NetBSD for
  33. Custom awk delimiters
  34. Some more jot numbers
  35. Reading list for early August 2019
  36. A brief history of KornShell time
  37. My 2019 essential tool list
  38. Automatic Korn Shell aliases
  39. Ansible name parameters in cron
  40. Ansible authorized_key and user variables
  41. Tweeting about FreeBSD, NetBSD
  42. OrionVM launches Melbourne PoP
  43. bzip2 and KornShell fun
  44. BSD questions from @romanzolotarev
  45. PF in FreeBSD and NetBSD
  46. Inline substitution with NetBSD sed
  47. No FreeBSD on the Libretto any more
  48. NetBSD devpubd as a FreeBSD devd equivalent
  49. Learning about shell indirect expansion
  50. Openrsync: A BSD-licenced rsync
  51. Stack Overflow survey 2019
  52. qemu HAXM on NetBSD
  53. Finding the current week number
  54. rmdir versus rm
  55. Option wishlist for shell software
  56. Not news, but ed25519 keys are tiny
  57. Ports
  58. You have detached Mosh sessions on this server
  59. PostgreSQL NOT IN with NULL
  60. Argument mnemonics
  61. rsvg-convert svg to png
  62. When you cd to double slashes in bash, tcsh
  63. Tokyo 2018
  64. Sorting a *nix folder by last modification date
  65. Keep it simple, Ansible
  66. Case-insensitive file systems aren't clear cut
  67. The wonderful FreeBSD cal
  68. rgb2ycbcr and rgrep
  69. Force overwrite with cp
  70. Alternative Let’s Encrypt Clients
  71. Basic sh to scan an IP range
  72. Showing dd progress
  73. scp can tab-complete for three slashes
  74. Browsing tar files with Vim
  75. Required Nagios email alert packages
  76. Finding the current week
  77. jot and shuf
  78. Taking the hint, git
  79. Ignore certificate warnings in wget
  80. Renaming files with invalid characters
  81. Xfce 4.12
  82. Changing the owner of a symlink
  83. Use curl to download image sequences
  84. pkgng repository size
  85. rsync remote command not found
  86. pkgin and pkgng for pkgwin
  87. NetBSD 6.0
  88. libcxxrt C++ runtime now available under BSD licence
  89. Caution: filename not matched unzip error
  90. Excited, verbose review of Joe’s Own Editor
  91. Graduating from nvi, kinda
  92. Trying out the nvi editor
  93. Xfce 4.6.1’s I18n and bug fix improvements
  94. Testing pkgsrc on my MacBook Pro
  95. Using Herrie to listen to Whole Wheat Radio
  96. Installing Alpine on Mac OS X
  97. Preliminary results of NetBSD on a MacBook Pro
  98. My falling out with Microsoft actually explained
  99. My HiME NetBSD desktop background whatnot
  100. Notes on using NetBSD’s pkgsrc on Mac OS X
  101. My kingdom for a bigger notebook hard drive
  102. Networking issue to blame for poor VMware Fusion BSD performance?
  103. VMware Fusion 2.0 beta2 with FreeBSD review
  104. Fun with Xfce part 4: Using Openbox
  105. Fun with Xfce, part two
  106. NTP primer on FreeBSD, NetBSD
  107. Sleek Openbox in KDE on FreeBSD
  108. Debian Etch for 5, then back to Slackware
  109. KDE 3.5.8 font registration fun
  110. Adobe Air musings and so forth
  111. The mysterious little DFE-670TXD
  112. Modular Xorg on NetBSD from scratch
  113. Just bought VMware Fusion
  114. Enabling UTF8 in Nano
  115. NetBSD 3.1 Released
  116. Operating Systems Ranked