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  1. Music Monday: Violet, Ninomae Ina’nis
  2. The monkey grabbed his neck and said “Now listen, jack!”
  3. The buzzard tried to throw the money off of his back
  4. The monkey thought that everything was on the square
  5. A buzzard took a monkey for a ride in the air
  6. Simon and Garfunkel, Feelin’ Groovy
  7. Hololive’s bossa nova jazz mix
  8. Clarelynn Rose, Copperfield
  9. Michael Franks, Heart Like an Open Book
  10. Robbie Williams, Good Doctor
  11. Al Jarreau: Fallin’
  12. Searching for a CD storage system
  13. Cory Wong limited-edition vinyl!
  14. Geri Halliwell on material science
  15. Esther Golton, All The Room I Need
  16. The @andrewhuang on streaming “success”
  17. Hololive English: Take Me Home, Country Roads
  18. David Gray, White Ladder LP
  19. GHOST / 星街すいせい by Suisei
  20. Increasing irrelevancy of award ceremonies
  21. We’ll party like post alone!
  22. Buy Esther Golton’s music as a bundle!
  23. Holo Bass and Amelia Watson, Pop on Rocks
  24. Dover and Dover again
  25. “Vinyl saved us, but CDs are the best”
  26. Reliability of cassette tapes and disks
  27. Music Monday: acoustic piano
  28. Headphones as a social signal
  29. WWR: Singer Songwriter Heaven
  30. Chick Corea ♡
  31. Music Monday: Haachama’s Big Red Heart
  32. Alice Di Micele on ageing
  33. Going to Shadu
  34. Triple J’s Hottest 100 for 2020
  35. The joy of music collections
  36. Microblog, week 2 of 2021
  37. Whole Wheat Radio whipped the llama’s arse
  38. Cory Wong: Ketosis (feat. The Hornheads)
  39. After the rain on the interstate
  40. Takeuchi Mariya, Plastic Love
  41. Tears for Fears, Pharaohs
  42. Pet Shop Boys, DJ Culture
  43. Music Monday: J.D. Lasica
  44. Al Jarreau on Hololive
  45. Missing music
  46. The Scorpions: Wind of Change
  47. AC3 is not AAC
  48. Rodriguez and Sailor Moon
  49. Music Monday: Yasutaka Tarumi on the duduk
  50. We need physical audio kill switches
  51. The Cranberries: Dreams
  52. Music Monday: Kris Delmhorst
  53. Still buying digital and analogue music in 2020
  54. Music Monday: Book-end, Happy-end, again
  55. The 3.5 mm headphone jack
  56. Music Monday: Al Jarreau, Tell Me
  57. The Kos Porta Pro X headphones
  58. My new/old Technics SL-J300R turntable
  59. 죠지, 오랜만에 (George, After a long time)
  60. RÜFÜS DU SOL, live from Joshua Tree
  61. Music Monday: Butterfly by Bump of Chicken
  62. Music Monday: The Vanilla Bean Situation
  63. Pro-p’s K-On! fanart
  64. Music Monday: Japanese aviation fuel train
  65. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performing Candy Candy live
  66. Official Hige Dandism - 115万キロのフィルム
  67. A prophetically-appropriate AKB48 song
  68. Savage Garden: Thousand Words
  69. Goodbye, CD Baby
  70. Music Monday: Why Spring Ain’t Here
  71. CD Baby store closing
  72. Music Monday: Santana, Foo Foo
  73. The Onkyo C-707
  74. Givin’ It Up for Love, Al Jarreau and George Benson
  75. Figuring out Hi-Fi component dimensions
  76. Anime Festival Sydney 2020
  77. The Weeknd: Blinding Lights
  78. Music Monday: Samba Pa Ti
  79. Music Monday: Follow That Man
  80. Music Monday: IBM PS/2 It!
  81. Music Monday: Janet Devlin, Mad World
  82. Anders Enger Jenson: DiscoVision
  83. Music Monday: I Bought You a Plastic Star
  84. Music Monday: Rhythm is our Business
  85. Music Monday: Fanfare for the Common Man
  86. Music Monday: Null
  87. Music Monday: Walk in the Rain
  88. Pet Shop Boys, Only the Wind
  89. Van Morrison, Cleaning Windows
  90. C2C Genius as “jitters”
  91. iOS always forgets what audio I was playing
  92. Colin Bass: Return to Earth
  93. Music Monday: Opportunities
  94. Music Monday at Milsons Point
  95. Music Monday: Hare Hare Yukai~
  96. Music Monday: Window Washer’s Dream
  97. Music Monday: Youssou N’Dour, 7 Seconds
  98. Mr Smooth
  99. Gregory Porter, Take Me to the Alley
  100. Cadillac Fleetwood Mac
  101. Miku Expo 2019 Taiwan and Hong Kong
  102. Music Monday: French coffee
  103. Music Monday: Uptown Funk
  104. Baby Shark on Wikipedia
  105. A lyric like that
  106. Vulfpeck on whale feet
  107. Ball & stick but bill wurtz is missing
  108. Chains I miss in Australia and Singapore
  109. Corrine Bailey Rae, Put Your Records On
  110. Music Monday: Bump of Chicken, Ray
  111. Music Monday: Book-end, Happy-end
  112. WORLD ORDER: Let's Start WW3
  113. Amplified: Mr. Raindrop
  114. Captain Straydum Fuusen Gum
  115. Hello Sexy Pants
  116. Half-rhyme patrol
  117. Aretha Franklin and Matt “Guitar” Murphy ♡
  118. Michael Franks, The Music in My Head
  119. Santa Monica and Savage Garden
  120. Sting and Shaggy, Waiting For the Break of Day
  121. Sting and Shaggy, Morning is Coming
  122. Sting and Shaggy, 44/876
  123. Please explain summaries, Wikipedia editors
  124. Music and phones in public
  125. HomePod
  126. Hall and Oats epiphanies
  127. Sunrise, by everyone
  128. Norah Jones, Sunrise
  129. A list of jazz musicians
  130. Songs with the word ceiling in their title
  131. Hackensack text clipping
  132. A Horse with No Name
  133. Mrs Robinson
  134. Block Rockin’ Beats
  135. Building a Wall
  136. But I’d treat her better!
  137. Icehouse, Electric Blue (1987)
  138. afconvert and avconv performance
  139. Weaning off streaming music
  140. The greatest songs of all time
  141. Open the Door (-문을 여시오)
  142. iTunes
  143. And you’re gonna hear me roar
  144. OK Go: Upside Down & Inside Out
  145. Apple Lossless versus FLAC
  146. Won’t Get Fooled Again
  147. Ground Control to Major Tom
  148. eyeD3 not setting year correctly
  149. The Rudebox Matrix
  150. Who Ha's Khaki, and @FrankNora
  151. This isn't my jam
  152. AKB48 Sugar Rush
  153. Dat Cosby Sweater
  154. Paul Simon’s One Trick Pony
  155. Circular (travelling) headphones
  156. Bowie and Jagger Dancing in the Street
  157. Brand New Music, with Ben Sidran
  158. The Back Nine, with Ben Sidran
  159. Here Comes The Playlist
  160. The house at the top of the world
  161. The Roland TR-808
  162. A quadratic Beatles moment
  163. I’d rather be happy than “right”
  164. When Michael Bublé took over the world
  165. J.J. Cale
  166. Get Pocky
  167. Sony CDP-101
  168. Commission on the Theft of Functional Electronics
  169. Amazon, please check where your customers are
  170. Gangnam YouTube Style
  171. Dave Brubeck, 1920 – 2012
  172. Summer Night: Live with the Chick Corea Akoustic Band
  173. Seeing @PSY_Oppa’s Gangnam Style in Sydney!
  174. Albatross by Fleetwood Mac, 1969
  175. Gangnam 길거리 Style
  176. Gangnam 보트 Style
  177. Gundam Gangnam Style
  178. Robbie Williams, The Actor
  179. Seeing James Morrison with friends!
  180. Video of John Pizzarelli taking us to Avalon!
  181. This John Pizzarelli post has the wrong album cover
  182. Lisa Ono Music Monday, in a Red Blouse!
  183. #Anime Tachibana Miya is for sustainable energy
  184. #Anime FateJazz: Fund it!
  185. #Anime K-On! does punk
  186. Cute Korean boy bands [초신성]
  187. Seem like legit reasons to stop talking
  188. How does David Garrett do it?
  189. Something Fierce by Marian Call available!
  190. Cocoa iTunes finally!
  191. PONPONPON on iTunesTunesTunes
  192. Did You See Me Coming? ~ Pet Shop Boys
  193. Pon Pon Pon on my Way Way Way!
  194. An AdLib ISA card!
  195. Sony Qriocity
  196. Michael Franks’ Time Together album is out!
  197. Get Born
  198. $3.25 to see The Beatles
  199. Vinyl not-bookshelf
  200. Support Marian Call like Something Fierce!
  201. I Perform This Way
  202. Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 09
  203. Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 08
  204. Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 07
  205. Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 06
  206. Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 05
  207. Ben Sidran’s Cool Paradise, track 04
  208. Seeing Weird Al Yankovic
  209. Abbey Road, in a box
  210. Concerts
  211. How I choose music
  212. He had more hair back then
  213. Pink Freud
  214. I knew there was a reason Esther was awesome
  215. BREAKING NEWS: Record labels are stupid
  216. Witty Crackerbox Palace
  217. Pass the… rushempeng?
  218. Miles Davis
  219. Barbara Streisand
  220. Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Pet Shop Boys song
  221. RIP Gerry Rafferty 1947-2011
  222. Murray Christmas
  223. Goodbye, Whole Wheat Radio
  224. When CDDB fails
  225. Freebo
  226. iTunes Michael Franks
  227. Whole Wheat Radio group crossroads?
  228. Apple’s new September 2010 swag
  229. No more Facebook Whole Wheat Radio player
  230. Whole Wheat Radio: The Dan Mac Quintet
  231. Rubenerd Fun Fact #96 and #97: Santana
  232. The RIAA criminal enterprise
  233. Indie media in the Czech Republic?
  234. Kubatana Marimba Ensemble on WWR
  235. Jim Kloss woke me up this morning
  236. Who do you think helped YouTube write this?
  237. An unlikely musical Twitter duo
  238. Robbie Williams sings about… Palm?
  239. Penn and Teller: Jazz Saves
  240. On @MarianCall and Lady Gaga in Adelaide
  241. Shared WWR artist 06: Peter Mulvey
  242. New iTunes 9.1 books library thing
  243. Going to see Bebel Gilberto!
  244. WWR artist of the day 05: Michael Wolff
  245. WWR artist of the day 04: Johnsmith
  246. The greatest CD cover of all time?
  247. WWR artist of the day 03: Esther Golton
  248. WWR artist of the day 02: Chicago Blues Reunion
  249. Trying out Whole Wheat Radio widgets
  250. A case study in why features != usability
  251. Yo BBC, leave the Asian Network’s 6Music alone
  252. Melissa Mitchell and Spiff WWR concert
  253. Voting for Ray Foley for an Irish Meteor!
  254. New eBay ad doesn’t account for DRM
  255. Peace hasn’t been given a chance, 40 years on
  256. Different songs with same name #1
  257. Jim Kloss on The Whole Wheat Radios
  258. That reminds me, better wake up Green Day
  259. This Mac doesn’t like him? Ack, Johnson!
  260. Music sales down, don’t blame us!
  261. Fatboy Slim on the Rubenerd Blog
  262. Esther Golton’s new Aurora Borealis album
  263. Whole Wheat Radio on Snow Leopard
  264. Message in a Bottle #SongsInCode
  265. #SongsInCode
  266. iTunes running for 80:16:19:22
  267. Free is Free group back again
  268. Free Is Free group shuts its doors
  269. On a Little Street in Singapore
  270. Songs with B words in them
  271. Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Hilde Rens
  272. Officially the greatest video of all time!
  273. The first Michael Franks fan!
  274. I moved from to
  275. Creating your own Whole Wheat Radio shows
  276. CBS selling out to the RIAA?
  277. and the biggest text file of all time
  278. Cold Country live on Whole Wheat Radio was fantastic!
  279. Frustratingly vague review of David Francey
  280. A productive Wheaty afternoon
  281. John Statz on Whole Wheat Radio
  282. Karen Collins shooting Jim on Whole Wheat Radio
  283. Herrie only plays Hi-Fi Whole Wheat Radio
  284. Using Herrie to listen to Whole Wheat Radio
  285. Aux Champs-Elysées? Oui!
  286. A tall Michael Franks on a reduced
  287. Another reason for not liking music downloading
  288. Whole Wheat Radio to become a commercial site
  289. Clipmark:’s now ironic About page
  290. Followup thougths on the debacle
  291. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about
  292. Shampoo J-Walk eggplant songs
  293. The day Singapore internet radio died
  294. Blatently fabricated Boston Legal quote
  295. Is it RIP for Singapore internet radio? Probably
  296. My revised lyrics for Surfin USA
  297. On oxymorons and sustainable business
  298. Why Microsoft, labels cling to music subscriptions? Greed
  299. Independent music and open source software
  300. My compatibility with Whole Wheat Radio is HIGH
  301. Passing 10,000 plays
  302. The Motown label turned 50 today…
  303. On old computers and ripping CDs
  304. Wolfgang Petry as a Mii character
  305. A quote from Igor Tamerlan in Bali
  306. Singapore benefit concert for jazz great Michael Stanton
  307. Coldplay snubs Adelaide on their Aussie tour
  308. Whole Wheat Radio, MySpace, Wikipedia
  309. Streaming wheaty audio success!
  310. Even more woes with streaming internet audio
  311. Private Investigation of Private Investigations
  312. Bill Withers had a lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  313. Doing my bit to advertise Wheatstalk 2008!
  314. Athletes are more important, what’s new?
  315. Steve Dirr at Whole Wheat Radio!
  316. They paved paradise, put up a parking lot
  317. Unnecessarily verbose WWR post
  318. 587 more reasons to like Whole Wheat Radio
  319. A Whole Wheaty birthday!
  320. Ed Craver and Esther Golton make my Monday!
  321. From WWR: The Renovators Don’t Ski
  322. Welcome home Esther!
  323. Deany Martiny Christmas goodness
  324. Rubenerd lame encoding
  325. hansoloaf on Microsoft, via Slashdot
  326. Software compatibility with Leopard
  327. Africans are genetically inferior? Codswhallop!
  328. Amazon MP3 doesn’t work outside the US
  329. Mixed reaction to August 2007 iPod crop
  330. iPod features I’d love to see and love to hate
  331. iTunes 7.3.2 crashing, force quit does nothing
  332. Mysterious Champs-Élysées song discovered!
  333. Pet Shop Boys at SingFest 2007!
  334. SingFest 2007!
  335. John Legend music review: Once Again
  336. Both kinds of music: the blues and jazz!
  337. John Williams and all that… jazz
  338. Is Whole Wheat Radio down?
  339. iPhone and Zune, no comparison!
  340. Michael Franks: Greatest singer songwriter of all time!
  341. Anyone Used a Creative Xmod?
  342. GoMusic like AllOfMp3
  343. Songs Names with Song in Them
  344. New Method for Ourmedia Uploading
  345. The Japanese GAM
  346. The SwiMP3 Player
  347. Drunk Daddy Lyrics
  348. Coolio Lyrics
  349. Lyrics to She Caught the Katy
  350. Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie, But…
  351. Online Chinese Lyrics