music-monday post archive

  1. The joy of music collections
  2. Cory Wong: Ketosis (feat. The Hornheads)
  3. Takeuchi Mariya, Plastic Love
  4. Tears for Fears, Pharaohs
  5. Pet Shop Boys, DJ Culture
  6. Music Monday: J.D. Lasica
  7. Al Jarreau on Hololive
  8. Missing music
  9. The Scorpions: Wind of Change
  10. Music Monday: Yasutaka Tarumi on the duduk
  11. The Cranberries: Dreams
  12. Music Monday: Book-end, Happy-end, again
  13. 죠지, 오랜만에 (George, After a long time)
  14. RÜFÜS DU SOL, live from Joshua Tree
  15. Music Monday: Butterfly by Bump of Chicken
  16. Music Monday: The Vanilla Bean Situation
  17. Music Monday: Japanese aviation fuel train
  18. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performing Candy Candy live
  19. Official Hige Dandism - 115万キロのフィルム
  20. A prophetically-appropriate AKB48 song
  21. Savage Garden: Thousand Words
  22. Music Monday: Why Spring Ain’t Here
  23. Music Monday: Santana, Foo Foo
  24. Givin’ It Up for Love, Al Jarreau and George Benson
  25. The Weeknd: Blinding Lights
  26. Music Monday: Samba Pa Ti
  27. Music Monday: Follow That Man
  28. Music Monday: IBM PS/2 It!
  29. Music Monday: Janet Devlin, Mad World
  30. Anders Enger Jenson: DiscoVision
  31. Music Monday: I Bought You a Plastic Star
  32. Music Monday: Rhythm is our Business
  33. Music Monday: Fanfare for the Common Man
  34. Music Monday: Null
  35. Music Monday: Walk in the Rain
  36. Pet Shop Boys, Only the Wind
  37. Van Morrison, Cleaning Windows
  38. C2C Genius as “jitters”
  39. Colin Bass: Return to Earth
  40. Music Monday: Opportunities
  41. Music Monday at Milsons Point
  42. Music Monday: Hare Hare Yukai~
  43. Music Monday: Window Washer’s Dream
  44. Music Monday: French coffee
  45. Music Monday: Uptown Funk
  46. Baby Shark on Wikipedia
  47. Vulfpeck on whale feet
  48. Corrine Bailey Rae, Put Your Records On
  49. Music Monday: Bump of Chicken, Ray
  50. Music Monday: Book-end, Happy-end
  51. WORLD ORDER: Let's Start WW3
  52. Amplified: Mr. Raindrop
  53. Captain Straydum Fuusen Gum
  54. Lisa Ono Music Monday, in a Red Blouse!
  55. #Anime My first Anime@UTS Music Monday