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  23. Back at KLIA at night again, virtually
  24. Could someone tell me what ASEAN is for?
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  29. Back in KL again
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  31. Review of Cranky Geeks 081
  32. Review of Cranky Geeks 080
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  35. Insert relieved title here
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  39. We’re back from Fraser’s :)
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  41. Johor Floods Intensify, No Relief in Sight
  42. Pretend You’re At a Malaysian WiFi Hotspot!
  43. New Hang Seng and Singapore Straits Times Records!
  44. Kuala Lumpur on Flickr
  45. We Have Internet and Telephone Again!
  46. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf WiFi Down
  47. Rubenerd Unplugged 001 2006.10.25
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  49. Typing in Malaysia
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