Mac Os X post archive

  1. ARM Macs (but RISC-V would be cooler)
  2. Next macOS to use zsh by default
  3. 2019 MacBook Pros
  4. Making a macOS Mojave USB key
  5. macOS modifier keys
  6. Create new FAT floppy disk image on macOS
  7. Review of BusyCal for Mac
  8. MacVim 8.1.235 (150)
  9. The Dutch are invading my Mac
  10. Moving from 1Password for KeePassXC
  11. Keysmash #3
  12. Homebrew serendipity
  13. 800×600 in a Retina world
  14. nano in macOS High Sierra
  15. Keysmash #2
  16. Keysmash #1: Gresham
  17. Only upgrade Apple on .2 releases now
  18. MacOS High Sierra UI bugs
  19. Installing Python pip in Homebrew
  20. Another vote for Safari favicons
  21. Citibank Australia and Safari
  22. Deprecating homebrew-dupes
  23. diskutil unmountDisk
  24. Safari in 2017
  25. Borland in iTerm
  26. afconvert and avconv performance
  27. Mac downloads in 2016
  28. Dismissing macOS modal dialogs
  29. Multiple GoToMeeting versions
  30. rgb2ycbcr and rgrep
  31. WWDC 2016
  32. brew cask move yourself
  33. macOS
  34. Light iTerm colour schemes
  35. MacVim wants to go full screen
  36. Browsing tar files with Vim
  37. Burning ISOs in El Capitan
  38. brew install sshpass
  39. When homebrew-cask won’t let you uninstall
  40. Ignore certificate warnings in wget
  41. Altered brew tap structure breaking brew-cask
  42. Just ordered an @atpfm shirt
  43. Accessing raw unmountable Mac volumes
  44. Secure input blocking TextExpander
  45. Tiamo’s 32–bit efi and Mavericks 10.9.2
  46. Simple Mavericks WordPress test environment
  47. EscrowSecurityAlert and LaterAgent
  48. Mavericks on my first gen Mac Pro
  49. Downloading from multiple sources with aria2
  50. Follow Ruben troubleshooting an mpv install
  51. KeyRemap4MacBook
  52. KeyRemap4MacBook
  53. Mavericks would be great, if it liked my keyboard
  54. rsync remote command not found
  55. One step ISO creation from folders in OS X
  56. Welcome to Notational Velocity!
  57. Homebrew now has Haswell CPU tests
  58. Is full-disk encryption worth it? Pokémon
  59. Keeping downloaded Xcode components
  60. Using TextExpander with Perl? Hell yes!
  61. An 11-inch MacBook Air unboxing review thing
  62. HandBrakeCLI start-at and stop-at in
  63. Prevent volumes auto-mounting on Mac OS X
  64. QEMU 1.0 failing to build on Mac OS X?
  65. Downgrading from Lion
  66. Operating Systems Solutions #fail
  67. TextMate 2.0: The Screenplay
  68. VMware Fusion 3.1.3 and Windows NT 4.0
  69. Steam doesn’t like case sensitive HFS+
  70. Mac OS X Universal Binaries finally disappearing?
  71. Apple only awards Mac App Store developers
  72. Arpawocky’s encrypted Mac volume followup
  73. Image import error
  74. Homebrew git checkout error
  75. Building MCrypt on Mac OS X
  76. Mercurial Vim-ness on Mac OS X
  77. Playing with Homebrew on Mac OS X
  78. FileVault on case sensitive HFS+
  79. Open letter to Apple regarding Finder dimensions
  80. SpinRite on a Mac using QEMU
  81. Microsoft Big W for Mac 2011
  82. Java dying? Did Apple do it? An app store?
  83. The Anodized Behemoth
  84. Nostalgia, SuperDisk drives under OS X
  85. Image not saving scanned images?
  86. Mac menubar weather with
  87. Reasons they got a Mac
  88. My Mac OS X stack
  89. Mac error -600
  90. Cleaning VMware’s .DownloadManager
  91. Three most terrifying words to a Mac user
  92. Why don’t we have Open printer cartridges?!
  93. Thinking about WWDC 2010
  94. Caution: filename not matched unzip error
  95. Few quick Mac Terminal TrueCrypt tips
  96. Why does Flip4Mac need Silverlight?
  97. Facebook iTunes integration… why?
  98. Booting a physical drive in VirtualBox
  99. Downgrading back to Mac OS X Leopard
  100. Office for Mac adopting the screen hogging ribbon?
  101. Aperture 3 signalling end of 32-bit support?
  102. nano 2.2.2 having issues with UTF-8
  103. OS X telling me to Service Battery? Uh oh
  104. Fun with graphical Links browser
  105. The Unarchiver 2.2 rocks
  106. Ruby.conspriracy?
  107. I won’t be using MarsEdit, for now
  108. Shell TrueCrypt on OS X
  109. Pixelated Snow Leopard icon problem
  110. Friday night shell adventure
  111. Safari 4.0.4 is slick, but…
  112. Unmount discs without ejecting on Macs
  113. TextMate defaulting to the root directory
  114. FreeBSD in VMware Fusion 3.0 is amazing!
  115. Freshly toasted VMware Fusion 3 goodness
  116. Why must external drives behave this way?
  117. Changing boot order in VMware Fusion
  118. Single Dock Stack icon for all your drives
  119. HP LaserJet Error -9672 on Snow Leopard
  120. No backlight on Snow Leopard MacBook Pro
  121. I’m in love with Snow Leopard’s new Menlo font
  122. Whole Wheat Radio on Snow Leopard
  123. Good encrypted disk images on Mac OS X
  124. Getting ready for Snow Leopard
  125. My Snow Leopard software compatibility list
  126. Font smoothing in Snow Leopard
  127. First impression of Snow Leopard: is gut!
  128. Just ordered Snow Leopard
  129. Worrying out loud about iMovie HD 06
  130. iTunes running for 80:16:19:22
  131. Getting around a Windows ban
  132. A desktop background uh oh
  133. No carrier error for SingTel EVDO
  134. Device failed to calibrate laser… wait what?
  135. GTK+ failing to build, Xcode 3.0 is the culprit
  136. Some Mac software link clouds
  137. Broken Mac The Sims 2 equals bummer
  138. Testing pkgsrc on my MacBook Pro
  139. and the biggest text file of all time
  140. If you’ve never tried Midnight Commander…
  141. Using Herrie to listen to Whole Wheat Radio
  142. My belated review of VirtualBox for Mac
  143. Reading and writing Windows drives on Mac
  144. My belated review of
  145. Restoring files with MacVim, Vim
  146. Changing folders in the Terminal on Mac OS X
  147. It takes 10 steps to download StuffIt Expander
  148. Shell work at 01:15 in the morning != smart
  149. GlimmerBlocker: great idea in theory
  150. FrostWire improves upon LimeWire
  151. Turning a Firefox story into an anti-Mac story?
  152. Partially recovering damaged tar files in Mac OS X
  153. Ifconfig versus ipconfig versus ifconfig
  154. Viewing images from the Terminal in Mac OS X
  155. Making Firefox 3 look like a Mac browser
  156. Enabling the Processor preference pane
  157. Installing Alpine on Mac OS X
  158. Ruben’s epic Phantom of the Opera Ghost File
  159. Freshly baked Camino 1.6.5 now out
  160. Windows 3.x on Mac OS X using DOSBox
  161. Running Windows 3.x on a MacBook Pro
  162. My falling out with Microsoft actually explained
  163. Assigning applications to spaces on Mac OS X Leopard
  164. Notes on using NetBSD’s pkgsrc on Mac OS X
  165. Apple, these are my FireWire drives
  166. How to forcibly eject drives in Mac OS X
  167. Creating and using restricted accounts on Mac OS X
  168. Brief flirtation with FreeBSD on my MacBook Pro is over
  169. Mac OS X thinks Adelaide is in eastern Australia
  170. My MacBook Pro likes bras… whoa, what?
  171. Free and open source Mac software goodies
  172. My kingdom for a bigger notebook hard drive
  173. Fun with the Mac OS X weather widget
  174. My OS pipe dream, and HP developing a Linux distro?
  175. Networking issue to blame for poor VMware Fusion BSD performance?
  176. VMware Fusion 2.0 Release Candidate 1 available
  177. A revisited MacVim editor review
  178. Drive letters in Mac OS X
  179. Automatically quitting windows
  180. Only one problem with strong encryption
  181. Tunneling X11 through SSH on Mac OS X
  182. Downloaded Firefox 3.0, still on Camino
  183. Recover forgotten passwords in Camino
  184. Showing network drives on an OS X desktop
  185. On Adobe Air, limited accounts, updating, BSD
  186. Spreadsheet adventures (and Excel 08 sucks!)
  187. You see, iWork is like a box of chocolates
  188. My Windows Vista Home Premium adventure
  189. Apple bundling Safari was dumb
  190. Leopard surprises me in February!
  191. Leopard sudo isn't as much fun
  192. Adobe Air musings and so forth
  193. Leopard’s X11 issues resolved
  194. Installing MacPorts
  195. Twitterrific lovingly sending… errors
  196. Scary dubious Javascript evil
  197. O’Reilly Objective C adventures in Singapore
  198. Software compatibility with Leopard
  199. Mac OS X Leopard launch in Singapore!
  200. Security changes in Mac OS X Leopard
  201. Making Camino look like a Leopard app
  202. Thinning universal binaries with ditto
  203. Rzip is absolutely incredible
  204. Netscape Navigator 9 rocks!
  205. iTunes 7.3.2 crashing, force quit does nothing
  206. Trolltech revises permitted Qt licences!
  207. Enabling UTF8 in Nano
  208. Keeping MacPorts up to date
  209. Learning FreeBSD, FreeBSD 6 Unleashed
  210. Native Aqua programmes and Correo
  211. UFRaw on Mac OS X to open RAW, RAF files
  212. Creating FreeBSD boot disks on Mac OS X
  213. Operating Systems Ranked
  214. Mac OS X 0x80020025 blank DVD and CD error
  215. The Sims 2: Fixing Sound, Universal Binary, MacBook Pro
  216. Windows Gaming on MacBook Pro
  217. Universal Binaries for Mozilla Software
  218. Mac vs Linux vs Windows